Volkswagen and Audi Pre-purchase Inspections

If you’re considering purchasing a used Volkswagen or Audi in Denver our experienced team of technicians are here to ensure that your vehicle meets safety standards, providing you with a transparent and reliable assessment of its condition. We deliver insights you need for a confident decision on purchasing your next Volkswagen or Audi.

What Make Salta’s Pre-purchase Inspections Stand Out

Our technicians are the Volkswagen and Audi experts. Our experience allows us to spot potential issues and red flags before you buy. Not only do we inspect the aesthetic condition of the vehicle, but we also do a thorough background check on past collisions and maintenance history, and a full mechanical inspection.

Our Pre-Purchase Inspection Checklist

  • Exterior and interior condition – we look for excessive wear, rust, and more.
  • Diagnostic scans – we check for any stored error codes or ECM issues.
  • Mechanical inspection of the engine, transmission, and drive train
  • Suspension and Steering – inspection of shocks, structs, and steering components for wear and tear, as well as alignment
  • Braking system – a thorough inspection of brake pads, rotors, and brake lines
  • Tire and Wheels – we inspect tire depth and wear patterns for damage or misalignment.
  • Fluid level and quality – inspection of essential fluids like engine oil, transmission fluid, coolant, and brake fluid.
  • Safety features – we inspect air bags, ABS, and traction control systems.
  • Emissions control systems – we inspect your emissions control system to ensure its However, we do not test emissions, testing is provided by Air Care Colorado, a state run facility.
  • Electrical systems – inspections include battery, wiring, lighting, and entertainment.
  • Documentation review – We review past service history, collision history, and recalls
  • Road Test – we take your potential new baby for a test drive to evaluate its performance and check for any issues that are not obvious during a static inspection.

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