Mechanical Services for Audi and Volkswagen in Denver, CO, since 2007

Welcome to Salta Service & Performance, located on the north end of Denver, Colorado.

12k+ years serving Denver, Colorado
140k+ 5-star google ratings
12k+ vehicles serviced

Since 2007, when we first opened our doors to serve you as your local and trusted experts in Audi and Volkswagen repair and maintenance, we’ve focused exclusively on these two auto manufacturers. 

By focusing on these specific models of cars we can ensure we have a keen knowledge of our products and services. We think these are the best vehicles on the road.

It is our job to ensure that our clients understand the services they receive. To ensure that you get the best possible price for your repair needs, our specialists will give you a detailed breakdown of the costs for labor and parts.

Our work is guaranteed. Our staff members strive to be honest and friendly. We hope you will be a returning customer.

Diagnostic times are kept to a minimum thanks to the many years of modern technology that we’ve paired with our extensive knowledge of Audis and Volkswagens. Transparency is also vital to Salta Service & Performance; no diagnostic or service costs will be made without your prior consent.

When you bring your automobile to us, you can expect a one-day turnaround; in most cases, your vehicle will be completed by our friendly and skilled specialists on the same day you leave it.

Mechanical Services
Salta Service & Performance specialists
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Meet Our Team

Steve Bis

Owner & operator

Steve found his love for cars as soon as finding a pair of keys in his hands. He drove every vehicle he could and then fixed them. Early into adulthood, he started turning wrenches at an independent Audi shop and racing rally cars with every free minute and dollar he had. After that, he opened the doors of Salta Service & Performance in 2007. Steve still enjoys driving in the mountains while now trying to get his son in the back seat to sleep. Whenever and wherever possible, he works on developing his new race car, a 2016 Golf R.

Joseph Chiarelli

Owner & operator

Hailing from the Suburbs of Seattle, Joseph started hoarding car magazines when his age still inhabited the single digits. By the time he had saved up enough money to buy his first car, he had tracked down a 1985 VW GTI and then taken it apart and put it back together for fun. Joseph moved to Colorado in 2007 and, shortly after that, met Steve Bis. They had a few opportunities to work on several projects together and found they should probably make it official. Joseph joined Salta in 2011. Now he and his wife race rally cars together and spent a couple years as the organizers of Rally Colorado, a stage rally race in Rangely, CO. Any free time he finds puts him back at the shop developing his race car, a 2017 GTI.

Jared Hindman


Another Colorado Native. Jared has been an Audi and VW enthusiast longer than most of us have been alive. It all started when watching Herbie the Love Bug as an adolescent. Jared cut his teeth working at a VW dealership for several years. He took a hiatus from being an automotive technician and maintained and operated can printing machines for Coors. Jared joined us in the second half of 2020 and has quickly found himself at home. Jared is a proper driving enthusiast who keeps busy racing his Formula Vee on the weekends, an open-wheel race car powered by a VW engine, or off-roading in his modified SUV.

Koda & Taka


Koda and Taka try to keep things together around here. Koda generally finds herself warming a pillow and occasionally checking on things. Taka finds himself in the middle of all the action, greeting anyone who might enter the door and occasionally also warming a pillow.

Both are extremely friendly and at the office almost every day.