Top-Notch Quality Volkswagen Service and Repair in Denver, CO

At Salta Service & Performance, we pride ourselves on delivering mechanical services and repairs whenever our customers need us. Our Volkswagen mechanical services are located at 1001 E. 75th Ave. Unit A Denver, CO 80229 has an on-site service center to maintain and repair your car to its optimal performance.

To ensure a safe and pleasant ride, you need to invest in quality professional vehicle service and repair. For Volkswagen’s complex car issues, always seek the advice of a trained mechanic. Doing your own oil change, tune-ups, or diagnostics to save money may not be cost-effective in the long run as it could add further damage to your car.

Volkswagen-trained specialists are on hand at our service center, and they’re equipped to handle any issue with any model. To keep your car in peak condition, we’ll conduct a thorough vehicle health check and fix any potential problems using only high quality parts backed by our 2 year 24,000 mile warranty.

Call us to schedule an appointment for your annual preventative maintenance and if you need more thorough assistance and service with other issues. We provide you with what your car needs and make long-term vehicle maintenance more reasonable for you.

Salta Service & Performance is the place to go if you need anything for your Volkswagen. We can rapidly acquire any item you’re looking for thanks to our excellent supplier ties and vast network of contacts.

Get in touch with one of our members here at Salta and set up a service appointment at our shop now! For your convenience, we also provide an easy-to-use online booking system. Below, you can see the details about our services we provide for your Volkswagen.

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Back of a black Volkswagen

Get in touch with one of our members here in Salta

set up a service appointment at our shop now!

For your convenience, we also provide an easy-to-use online booking system. Listed below are the details about our services we offer for your Volkswagen.

Mechanical Service
Including Oil Change

We provide bumper-to-bumper services for various Volkswagen models. We’re pleased to assist you with everything from oil changes to engine rebuilds to electrical problems and scheduled maintenance.


We are a proud supplier of RacingLine hardware and their OEM+ software. You can check them out here. We provide you with any product they make and install any software for your car’s performance. If you’re having trouble finding what you are looking for on their website, please reach out to us for their new products and software. 

We’re also a Cobb dealer. They have products available for mk VI and VII GTIs and mk VII Golf Rs. The Cobb Accessport is an excellent platform if you hope to run an open-source tune or a custom tune explicitly built for your car. You can check them out here.


We have the ability to perform alignments on your Volkswagen. If you want to make changes to the way it handles or feels while driving, we are the people to contact.

Seasonal Tire Sets
and Storage

Please let us know whether you would need your winter and summer tires switched out to suit your weather-specific driving. After all, the highest concern should always be your safety and security and the other cars on the road. We also provide tire storage during the off-season; please contact us for further information.

Buyers Inspections

If you are not currently a Volkswagen owner but aspire to become one in the future, please allow us to inspect the vehicle you wish to acquire. In the same way, if you wish to upgrade from your present Volkswagen to something else, you can also contact us. We provide this service at the cost of only $80.00.

Aftermarket Warranty

We are able to collaborate with aftermarket warranty providers. In the event that you have an aftermarket warranty and would like to request to have some work covered, we will require your aftermarket warranty papers when you drop off the vehicle.

Drop Off or Wait

Feel free to drop your car off after hours and use our key drop box located on the Southeast corner of the building. Please help us out and avoid parking in front of a garage door. You can also drop off your car during business hours and hand the key over personally. If your car is towed in, you do not need to accompany the vehicle. You can send your key with the tow truck. You are welcome to wait here in our waiting area while your car is being serviced. We have chairs, a desk, free wifi and furry dogs. For your convenience we have a coded key locker should you need to retrieve your car after hours.

What to Expect in Your Volkswagen Mechanical Services and Repairs?

We make sure all of our customers feel welcome and taken care of. In light of the pandemic, we work without our masks, but we’ll put one on before coming upfront to greet and assist you if you are wearing one.

During any service appointment with Salta, your car will receive a thorough look-over for safety and reliability. If you need a creature comfort addressed, just let us know, and we will look into it. 

We provide free basic safety inspections and can address many of the problems the car might have just by doing an assessment. We also offer extensive bumper to bumper inspections at an additional charge. If your vehicle requires diagnosis, the charge to do so would depend on the difficulty of the problem.

Our many years of experience combined with advanced technology and our exclusive service on Volkswagens keep our diagnostic times short and effective. Salta Service & Performance also values transparency; there are no charges for diagnostic or any services incurred without your approval first.

Most of the cars we service will have a one-day turnaround; generally speaking, your vehicle will be finished by our friendly technicians the same day you drop it off. 

It would be best if you could schedule an appointment because we prioritize appointments. However, if your Check Engine Light is on and you hope to find out what the code is, or you have a light bulb out, give us a call, and we will check your codes with our computer or replace a light bulb the same day without an appointment.

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