Local and Professional, Audi and Volkswagen Service

Audi and Volkswagen Tune Up in Denver, CO


Mechanical Service
including Oil Changes

We perform any service on Audi's and Volkswagen's bumper to bumper bar paint, bondo and detailing. We do anything from oil changes to engine rebuilds, electrical issues to interval based services. Generally speaking we do not have a diagnostic fee, we only charge to fix cars. Although some problems will require a diagnostic fee, you will be made aware if that is the case before you spend any money.



We are a supporter of Cobb Tuning and dealer and installer of their products to boot! At this time Cobb carries products for 2009 and later GTI's and 2015 and later Golf R's. If you have vehicles outside these options and would still like tuning we do have other options to explore with you.



We can and do perform alignments. If you would like to change the way your Audi or Volkswagen handles and or feels while driving then we are the place for you.


Seasonal Tire Sets and Storage

We are happy to change out your winter and summer set that are already mounted on wheels. We also offer off season tire storage, inquire within for more information.

We do not possess a tire machine so we do not unmount and remount tires.


Buyers Inspections

If you are not yet an Audi or Volkswagen owner but are planning to be, please let us look at the car you hope to purchase before purchasing it. Same goes for those of you who plan to replace your current Audi or Volkswagen with another one. We perform this service free of charge, we do however ask that you only bring us a car that you are literally ready to purchase as we are forfeiting our time with the intention of getting you into a good car.


Aftermarket Warranty

We can and will work with aftermarket warranty providers. If you do have an aftermarket warranty, and want to try and get some work covered, we will need your aftermarket warranty paperwork when you drop off the car. We will also need you to plan to leave the car with us for a number of days as approval and inspections through the aftermarket warranty take far longer to complete.


Drop Off or Wait

Feel free to drop your car off after hours and use our key drop box which is located on the South East corner of the building While doing so if you could avoid parking in front of a garage door, that would be helpful. You can also drop off your car during business hours and hand the key over personally. If your car needs to be towed in, you do not have to accompany the vehicle, you can just send your key with the tow truck. Lastly, you are welcome to stay here while we service your car, we have a small waiting area with a couch, desk, free wifi and long haired dogs.


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