RacingLine Subframe Alignment Kit

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The RacingLine Alignment Bolt Collar kit is a simple ‘why not’ upgrade to eliminate the challenges caused by large tolerances in the factory subframe mounts, both front and rear.

 The OEM subframe design uses really oversized bolt holes – giving a wide range of adjustments to shuffle the whole subframe assembly back and forth, side to side.

 Whilst that may be ideal for dealers & repairers to lazily mask other misalignments in the chassis, it means that there are also huge opportunities for inaccuracy every time your subframes are refitted, not to mention the risk of the car’s alignment creeping out of tolerance with hard driving over time.

RacingLine’s precision-engineered, push-in Bolt Collars centralize the subframes by cutting out the huge hole tolerances, so perfectly centering the bolt locations every time you refit.

The result? With correct alignment, you’ll keep precise steering, sharper handling and braking responses every time.

By ensuring complete accuracy every time you refit your subframes, you’ll save time and cost by ensuring consistent, hassle-free alignment each time, every time.

With no need for alignments after refitting subframes in future, this really affordable upgrade will likely pay for itself many times over.

No additional NVH transfer into the car and no more creaking mounts.

Confirmed fitment per RacingLine :

VW Golf 8 GTI 2020+

VW Golf 8 R 2020+

VW Golf 7 & 7.5 GTI & Clubsport 2013-2020

VW Golf 7 & 7.5 R 2013-2020

VW Passat 2.0 TSI B8 2015+

VW Arteon 2.0 TSI 2017+

VW T-Roc R 2.0 TSI 2019+

VW Tiguan II 2.0 TSI 2016+

VW Jetta VII GLI 2019+

Audi S3 8V 2013-2020

Audi TT 3 2.0 TSI 8S 2014+

Audi TTS 3 2.0 TSI 8S 2015+

Audi SQ2 2018+

Audi Q3 45TFSI 2.0 TSI 2018+

SEAT Leon III Cupra 5F 2014-2020

SEAT Leon III 1.8 TSI 5F 2014-2020

SEAT Ateca Cupra 2018+

Skoda Octavia III vRS 2.0 TSI 5E 2014-2020

Skoda Superb III 1.8 / 2.0 TSI 3V 2015-2020

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