RacingLine R600 Intake Foam Filter

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R600: the world’s most sophisticated and best-selling MQB-platform cold air intake.

OEM-standards of design, quality, materials and construction, hand-made in the UK. Fits like a factory part; lasts like a factory part.

Twin CFD-optimised front intakes extending across the front of the car help achieve lower intake temperatures and worthwhile power gains.

Enormous airbox volume houses the filter, complete with thoughtful details like connection to the original factory drain tube, and an SAI connection for US cars.

Your choice of filter unit, to suit different needs. Both are double the size of standard – rated right up to 600hp and beyond.


2.0 TSI & 1.8 TSI MQB / EA888 Gen 3 engines

R12G7R600 foam filter    VWR12G7R601cotton filter

VW Golf 7 & 7.5 GTI & Clubsport 2013+ 5G

VW Golf 7 & 7.5R 2013+ 5G VW Golf 7 & 7.5 1.8 TSI 2013+ 5G VW Passat 2.0 TSI B8 2015+ 3G

VW Arteon 2.0 TSI 2017+

VW T-Roc R 2.0 TSI 2019+

Audi A3 2.0 TSI / 1.8 TSI 2013+ 8V

Audi S3 2013+ 8V Audi TT 2.0 TSI III 2014+ 8S Audi SQ2 2018+

Audi Q3 45TFSI 2.0 TSI 2018+

SEAT Leon Cupra III 2014+ 5F

SEAT Leon 1.8 TSI 2014+ 5F

SEAT Ateca Cupra 2.0 TSI 2018+

Skoda Octavia vRS III 2014+ 5E Skoda Superb III 1.8 / 2.0 TSI 2015+ B8 3V

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