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Servicing Audi's and Volkswagen's in Denver since 2007

Welcome to Salta Service and Performance, located on the north end of Denver, Colorado. We have been specialized in servicing Audi's and Volkswagen's since we opened the doors in 2007, and we remain exclusive in our service of Audi's and Volkswagen's today. We are specific to these vehicles as it helps us maintain a thorough knowledge of our product. We also believe that they make for the best commuter vehicles on the road.

When working with us, you will be educated on the services you are receiving. You will be provided with complete estimates including parts labor and tax. You will not have spent money until work has been approved. And you will look forward to seeing us again. Maybe just later rather than sooner...


Steve Bis - Owner + Operator

Bred right here in the state of Colorado, Steve Bis knows all there is to know about driving in the Rocky Mountains. Steve found his love for cars as soon as he found a pair of keys in his hands. Steve drove everything he could as much as he could and then fixed them when they couldn't any more. Early into adulthood he found himself turning wrenches at an independent Audi shop and racing rally cars with every free minute and dollar he had. After that, he opened the doors of Salta Service & Performance in 2007 and has only looked forward.


Joseph Chiarelli - Owner + Operator

Hailing from the Suburbs of Seattle, Joseph started devouring car magazines when his age still inhabited the single digits. By the time he had saved up enough money to buy his first car, he tracked down a 1985 VW GTI and then proceeded to take it apart and put it back together just for fun. Joseph moved to Colorado in 2007 and shortly thereafter met Steve Bis. They had a few opportunities to work together on a number of projects and found they like to be in business together. Following suit, Joseph now also spends his time fixing Audi's and Volkswagen's and racing rally cars any chance he can get.


Martin Amador - Operator

Martin Amador joined us in early 2016, having moved in from out of state to work with Salta. Martin similarly found himself immersed in the draw of Audi's and Volkswagen's since he was able to own them. He is currently in possession of two of the three Audi's he has owned since he started with us... Some might say he has a problem... He has been working on Audi's and Volkswagen's since he finished school and shows quite a knack for it.


Koda & Taka - Office Managers

Koda and Taka try to keep things together around here. Koda generally finds herself warming a pillow and occasionally getting up to check on things. Taka finds himself in the middle of all the action, greeting anyone who might enter the door, and occasionally warming a pillow. Both are extremely friendly and here almost every day.