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We make sure all of our customers feel welcome and taken care of. During any service appointment with Salta, your car will receive a thorough look over of safety and reliability components. If you need a creature comfort addressed, just let us know and we will look into that as well. For diagnosis, we do not charge for the first hour. Most problems can be figured out in that time. If the diagnosis needs to go beyond that we will apply a cost and seek your approval before you spend any money.

Most of the cars we service will have a one day turn around; generally speaking, your car will be finished the same day it is dropped off. We do work by appointment, however if your Check Engine Light is on and you hope to find out what the code is, or you have a light bulb out, give us a call and we will check your codes with our computer or replace a light bulb same day in short order.

For your appointments, the technician that diagnoses your car, builds the estimate of repairs to be done, sources the parts, and performs the repairs you approve is also the technician that will talk to you on the phone about your car.


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